Easy To Use

We provide easy-to-use accessories to control autonomous driving functions from the front seats, without the need for typing in the terminal.

Touch Friendly UI

Complex configuration must be managed by the main computer, but intuitive operation can be performed using our tablet device.


Our tablet can also be used together with other useful applications such as route navigation.

Autoware Tablet

Integrated route navigation and high-definition 3D maps to obtain accurate lane-level waypoints along the route to the destination. To use this product, you need to buy the "3D Twin Navi" system from Aisan Technology and a map license from Increment P Corporation.

  • SONY Xperia: Starting at US$1,200 Sales

Autoware Logger

An Autoware-compatible logging device to automatically record self-driving runtime data. With Wi-Fi connection, the recorded data can be seamlessly shared with cloud data services.

  • Starting at US$1,000 Sales

Autoware Remote Drive Kit

An Autoware-compatible remote controller and monitor for driver-less vehicles. An easy-to-use web browser interface is available. This remote drive kit (RDK) has been certified for the level 4 self-driving operation in Japan.

  • Starting at US$1,500 Sales