Field testing and demonstration - autonomous driving experience

Save Your Time

No difficulties

We can undertake all of the complex duties required for field testing and demonstration of autonomous driving.


You can rent a vehicle, sensors, and software from us.

Professional Service

We can send you a team of highly-experienced professionals.

No Delays

We can contact local authorities to facilitate the attainment of neccesary permissions.

Under control

We can conduct testing and perform automated driving demonstrations.

Save your precious time before you see the first shot of autonomous driving.

AutonomouStuff - TierIV collaboration

We are proud to present our most recent partner on the Integration side.


Autoware on NVIDIA Parker AutoChauffeur

Autoware fully integrated on a Parker AutoChauffeur.


Autonomous Driving in the mountains

Testing Autoware on narrow roads in Japanese rural areas.


Autoware Driving in highways

The highlight movie from the field testing of our self-driving minivan on the Tokoname highway through a tollgate and urban areas.