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Tier IV joins ROS 2 Technical Steering Committee

May 7, 2019

Tier IV is honored to announce its participation in the ROS 2 Technical Steering Committee (TSC). The ROS 2 TSC is made up of organizations representing all aspects of robotics, from traditional industrial robotics to the forefront of robotics innovation in new markets. By joining the ROS 2 TSC, Tier IV gains the ability to contribute to the management and stewardship of the development of ROS 2. Tier IV can contribute to determining the roadmap for ROS 2 features, and embrace ROS 2 as the underlying framework for Autoware, a well-known ROS-based open-source software project for autonomous vehicles co-founded by Tier IV.

As a member of the TSC, Tier IV commits engineering resources to the development of ROS 2 features. Examples of Tier IV’s planned contributions include ROS applications in safety-critical embedded systems, deterministic robot software, and hardware-accelerated high-performance computing. These new features will also be beneficial for the next generation of Autoware, called Autoware.Auto, which has a focus on being a secure, robust and safe foundation for autonomous vehicles.

“Tier IV is proud to be part of the ROS 2 TSC. We believe that ROS 2 will be a de facto base for open-source software for autonomous vehicles and many other functional-safety domains. This is a great opportunity for Tier IV and Autoware to step up to the challenges of production-quality autonomous vehicles,” says Shinpei Kato, Founder of Tier IV, Inc. and a member of the Board of Directors of The Autoware Foundation.

“We’re excited to welcome Tier IV to the ROS 2 TSC. We share a common vision of building new industries on open platforms. It’s exciting to see Tier IV and Autoware committing to using and contributing to ROS 2, and we look forward to further collaboration between our communities,” says Brian Gerkey, CEO, Open Robotics.


The current ROS 2 TSC members (excluding Tier IV) are:

Acutronic Robotics Amazon Apex.AI Arm Bosch eProsima Intel LG Electronics Microsoft Open Robotics ROBOTIS TARDEC Toyota Research Institute





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