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Tier IV Raises $9 Million from Quanta Computer: To Develop Autoware-integrated ECUs

Aug 18, 2019

Tier IV, Inc. announced that it has raised about $9 million from Quanta Computer, Inc. in a Series A extension round following the previous $100+ million Series A funding. This latest funding engages Quanta Computer and Tier IV to develop a new reference model of electronic control units (ECUs) for autonomous driving.

The current state of the art in autonomous driving requires low-power and high-performance ECUs with functional safety features. The strategic collaboration of Quanta Computer and Tier IV will discover a desired specification for those ECUs as a reference model based on the best practice integration of Autoware, a full-stack open-source software platform for autonomous driving. Quanta Computer has already developed a prototype of Autoware-integrated ECUs and conducted a field test using a real vehicle in cooperation with Tier IV. This core offering of Autoware-integrated ECUs will support key initiatives in production of multiple levels of autonomous driving.

About Quanta Computer

Quanta Computer is a Fortune Global 500 Companies and the world’s leading provider for notebook computers and other technology products. Quanta provides innovative products with superior technology that range from information, communication, networking, consumer electronics, and car electronics to cloud computing infrastructure solution. Founded in 1988, Quanta Computer is headquartered in Taiwan with major operation facilities set up in Asia, Canada, North America, South America, and Europe. Quanta Group currently employs over 90,000 employees worldwide with consolidated revenues amounted to US$34 billion for fiscal year 2018. For further information, please visit Quanta Computer’s Website at http://www.quantatw.com

About Tier IV, Inc.

Tier IV, Inc. is a deep-tech startup based in Japan. The corporate mission is “Creative Disruption”. Founded in December 2015, Tier IV has led the development of the world’s first open-source software for autonomous driving, also known as Autoware, and applied it for the proof of concept of last-mile driverless mobility and logistics. Tier IV aspires to achieve its vision “Democratization of Intelligent Vehicles”, where any individuals and organizations can contribute to a sustainable evolution of intelligent vehicles, leading to a better society in which all the people receive new spatiotemporal values.

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