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Tier IV releases mass-producible system unit “AI Pilot” for low-speed autonomous vehicles

Jan 8, 2019

Tier IV, Inc. (representative and president: Kazuya Takeda; HQ: Nagoya, Aichi Pref.; hereinafter “Tier IV”) will officially release the mass-producible system unit “AI Pilot”(*1) . AI Pilot is designed for use with low-speed autonomous vehicles that provide short-distance transportation within commercial facilities and suburban areas as well as logistic transportation inside factories and warehouses. This unit integrates the sensors (LiDAR, camera, IMU, GPS, etc.), computer device, and various hardware and software necessary for autonomous driving.


Product Name: AI Pilot Release Date: January 16, 2019


AI Pilot Single

AI Pilot is a system unit of aggregated autonomous driving technology developed by Tier IV. By installing the unit, which includes a pre-calibrated LiDAR, camera, and other necessary sensors, on a car roof and connecting to a computer that has the open-source autonomous driving software Autoware*2 installed, an autonomous vehicle can be constructed in a short period of time. Support for transmission devices is also provided; users can upload driving data to servers through mobile or WiFi transmission and download 3D maps necessary for autonomous driving from Tier IV’s cloud service. In addition, by purchasing a T4 Account, which Tier IV offers with AI Pilot, users can receive a year’s maintenance and technical support, as well as damage insurance and remote service while conducting autonomous driving.

This product will be sold by Macnica, Inc. (representative and president: Kiyoshi Nakashima) and will be on display with a low-speed autonomous vehicle in Macnica’s booth at the Second Autonomous Driving Expo, which will be held at Tokyo Big Sight from January 16 (Wed.) through 18 (Fri.), 2019.

【Autonomous Driving Expo 2019 Macnica Booth Information】

 Date : January 16 (Wed.) through 18 (Fri.), 2019

 Location : Tokyo Big Sight

 Booth Location : East 7•8 Hall E60-22

(*1)AI Pilot is a trademark of Tier IV.

(*2)Autoware is a trademark of the Autoware Foundation.

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