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TIER IV Alliance with LG on Advanced Cloud Simulator Technology Expected to Accelerate Safe Deployment of Autonomous Vehicles

Jan 6, 2020

Tier IV, a world leader in the open-source software development for self-driving technology known as Autoware, has entered into a strategic alliance with global innovator LG Electronics related to advanced simulator technology. The collaboration, which will provide a turnkey cloud service for simulation-based testing and verification of Autoware, is expected to contribute significantly to the deployment of emerging autonomous driving technologies.

Specifically, Tier IV plans to leverage the proven LGSVL Simulator to develop a full pipeline of online simulation solutions for Autoware. LG developed its LGSVL Simulator with the Unity engine to enable advanced autonomous driving simulation to help vehicle developers accelerate system development and testing for safer self-driving cars.

Tier IV and LG are both founding members of The Autoware Foundation. The collaboration has already delivered deep integration of the LGSVL Simulator with Autoware. Tier IV has led core projects of The Autoware Foundation, including an application of the LGSVL Simulator to simulation-based testing and verification of Autoware on real services.

“With this strategic partnership and the integration of LGSVL Simulator with Autoware, Tier IV will be able to provide a turnkey cloud service where everyone can easily access this simulation environment, resulting in more time-efficient and cost-effective testing and verification of Autoware-based autonomous vehicles,” said Shinpei Kato, Founder and CTO of Tier IV and the Chairman of the Board of The Autoware Foundation.

“Our high-performance simulation engine, extensive data and content generation pipeline, and seamless local and cloud simulation integration capabilities mean that LG is uniquely positioned to unlock the power of simulation for countless use cases,” said Seonman Kim, Vice President of Engineering at LG’s Advanced Platform Lab in Silicon Valley. “By combining our LGSVL Simulator Solutions with Autoware, LG and Tier IV can jointly enable the whole pipeline of autonomous driving development to create better, safer, and more reliable products and services, faster.”

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