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Tier IV G roup gives demo exhibit of autonomous vehicle interior services in Toyota Boshoku booth at CES 2019

Jan 6, 2019

Tier IV Group’s Synesthesias, Inc.(HQ: Nagoya, Aichi Pref.; representative: Akihiro Aritoshi) will participate in Toyota Boshoku Corporation’s (HQ: Kariya, Aichi Pref.; representative and president: Takeshi Numa)’s exhibition booth at CES 2019, which will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the United States from January 8 (Tue.) through 11 (Fri.), 2019, local time.

With the advance of autonomous driving technology, the needs and demands of mobile spaces are diversifying. As one of their new vehicle interior services, Synesthesias has conceptualized real-time sight-seeing information provided by a virtual character displayed through VR goggles over real video images. This service will be introduced through a demo experience inside the service space MOOX, which handles various needs that Toyota Boshoku proposes, at CES 2019.


1. Preview of Exhibit Experience

With a connected car (i.e. a car connected to the internet), participants can expect functions that are not present in existing cars, such as the ability to communicate between cars as one would with a smartphone. At the exhibit, participants will be able to board MOOX, put on VR goggles, and experience a simulated tour of the future.

press image 2


2. Exhibit Location

Tech East, Westgate, Booth No. 1901, within the Toyota Boshoku booth


  1. Other Information ・CES 2019 Homepage  https://www.ces.tech

・Special cite for Toyota Boshoku’s exhibition at CES  https://www.toyota-boshoku.com/jp/special/ces2019/

About Synesthesias, Inc.

━━ Company Overview ━━

【Company Name】 :Synesthesias, Inc.

【Head Office Location】 :Nakamura-ku, Nagoya

【URL】 : https://synesthesias.jp

【Representative】 :Akihiro Aritoshi

【Established】:September 2016

【Main Business Activities】:

・Virtual reality entertainment services and their application for human-machine interfaces in autonomous vehicles

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