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Tier IV and DeepMap Establish Technology Alliance

Jan 9, 2020

Tier IV and DeepMap have established an alliance to improve the maturity and stability of open-source autonomous vehicle software solutions.

Tier IV, a deep-tech startup based in Japan, is leading the development of the world’s first open-source software for autonomous driving, known as Autoware.

Autoware is an all-in-one self-driving car solution that integrates open source and BSD licenses. The solution supports tasks such as 3D localization and mapping, 3D road planning, subject and traffic signal detection, lane recognition, sensor calibration, and software simulation.

Autoware is used by more than 200 organizations, including the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

DeepMap is a Silicon Valley-based provider of high-definition (HD) mapping and localization technology for autonomous driving, with customers across the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

James Wu, Co-Founder and CEO of DeepMap, said: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to provide Tier IV with scalable HD mapping technology to enhance Autoware-based solutions around the world.”

Shinpei Kato, Founder and CTO of Tier IV, who also serves on the Board of Directors of the Autoware Foundation added, “Working with DeepMap will advance the expansion of the Tier IV autonomous driving technology platform globally. We will integrate DeepMap’s HD map into the Autoware stack and make it available by default.”

About DeepMap

DeepMap is accelerating safe autonomy by providing the world’s best autonomous mapping and localization solutions. DeepMap delivers the technology necessary for self-driving vehicles to navigate in a complex and unpredictable environment. The company addresses three important elements: precise high-definition mapping, ultra-accurate real-time localization, and the serving infrastructure to support massive global scaling. The company was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Palo Alto, Calif., with offices in Beijing and Guangzhou, China. For more information, see www.deepmap.ai.

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