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Perception Engine and Hesai join forces to distribute LiDAR sensors and licensing of autonomous driving solutions optimized for sensors in Japan

Sep 2, 2021

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Tokyo, September 2, 2021 ー Perception Engine, a subsidiary of the open-source autonomous driving leader, Tier IV, is now the official distributor for Hesai Technology (Hesai), a Shanghai-based LiDAR maker, in the Japanese market. Simultaneously, Perception Engine will begin to offer autonomous driving solutions optimized for Hesai's products.

Perception Engine is an innovative startup, specialized in sensing and perception technologies. It developed an optimized object detection engine for different LiDAR sensors, serving clients both in the automotive and non-automotive sectors. During the development of this software, Perception Engine accumulated significant expertise in building AI algorithms using data from various LiDAR sensors. By combining Hesai’s high-quality and reliable sensors with Perception Engine’s strengths in sensing and perception software, Perception Engine is confident that this partnership will contribute to the accelerated development of LiDAR sensor-based technology, offering customers a wide range of optimized solutions in Japan, targeting Robotics, Autonomous Driving, Smart Surveillance, and Infrastructure applications.

Additionally, Perception Engine is currently developing new calibration, evaluation, and detection solutions for multiple sensing platforms such as LiDAR, radars, and cameras. Perception Engine also aims to collaborate with partners to expand and empower the development of autonomous driving, robotics, and intelligent infrastructure.

About Perception Engine

Perception Engine is a startup backed by Nagoya University. Founded in 2019, we focus on developing and deploying sensing and detection solutions for advanced robotics systems such as Autonomous driving vehicles.

Our current technologies are mainly directed toward cost reduction, optimization, and automation in the field of sensing and perception. In addition, we are involved in every stage of data acquisition and processing, from hardware selection, system configuration, up to model training and deployment on computing devices.

Perception Engine is also involved in the ongoing development and improvement of open-source systems such as Autoware.



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