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Tier IV announces low-speed fully autonomous EV “Postee” for last-mile delivery at Second Autonomous Driving Expo

Jan 14, 2019

Tier IV, Inc. (representative and president: Kazuya Takeda; HQ: Nagoya, Aichi Pref.; hereinafter “Tier IV”) will announce the low-speed fully autonomous EV “Postee” (*1) for last-mile delivery at the Second Autonomous Driving Expo, which will be held from January 16 at Tokyo Big Sight.




Postee is a concept vehicle for fully autonomous unmanned last-mile delivery and distribution. It has trunk doors on its front, back, left, and right, and postage slots on its sides. Its interior serves as luggage space. Equipped with the open-source autonomous driving software Autoware*2, it is capable of fully autonomous driving. Postee has various practical applications, such as handling driver shortages, operating in low-population areas, and improving the efficiency of delivery by coordinating with fleet management systems. It could solve numerous problems faced in the delivery and distribution field.

Postee’s stylish, solid-red design draws the eye. Serving as the face of towns and institutions, Postee’s rounded, characteristic design aims to create a vehicle that anyone would find loveable.





 ■Vehicle Base:Electric golf cart

 ■Body:made of FRP(fiber-reinforced plastic)

 ■Dimensions:Length 3,285mm Width 1,660mm Height 2,000mm


【Second Autonomous Driving Expo Exhibition Overview】

 ■Date : January 16 (Wed.) through 18 (Fri.), 2019

 ■Location : Tokyo Big Sight

■Booth Location : East Hall E61-31

 ■Exhibition Vehicles:「Postee」、「LogieeS-TC」

 ■Joint Exhibitors:Aisan Technology Co., Ltd.; Okaya & Co., Ltd.

 ■Event HP: https://www.autonomous-drive.jp

(*1)Postee is a trademark of Tier IV.

(*2)Autoware is a trademark of the Autoware Foundation.

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