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Applications are now open for the Tier IV Student Researcher program

Sep 14, 2021

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Starting September 15th 2021, Tier IV will begin accepting applications for the Tier IV Student Resarcher program. This program aims to financially support the research activities of master’s and doctoral students who share Tier IV’s vision "Intelligent Vehicles for Everyone" and are fully motivated to make it a reality. By combining challenging research projects by students and ambitious projects by a start-up, this program aims to create an opportunity where talented students can immerse themselves in research, enhance their research capabilities, and produce results that contribute to the future of the autonomous driving industry.

In addition to financial support, academic advice and evaluation data sets will be provided by the university, researchers, and engineers affiliated with Tier IV to support the publication of research results. We also strongly encourage open-source publication of research results, and expect selected research projects to contribute to the R&D of Autoware*, the world's first open-source software for autonomous driving. This is a unique support program that respects the potential of masters and doctoral students, supports their research and publication of their results, and encourages them to contribute to the realization of autonomous driving.


For more information about the application, click the link below.


Message from Shinpei Kato, Founder & CTO of Tier IV, Associate Professor of the University of Tokyo:

20210915 01

It is no exaggeration to say that the research capability of master's and doctoral programs at graduate schools is the foundation of Japan's science and technology, and the source of our international competitiveness. In order to raise the level of this research capability, it is necessary to provide an environment for students in master's and doctoral programs to be exposed to leading edge research, to devote themselves to solving problems, and to contribute to building a better world. This program focuses on the future of the autonomous driving industry, and provides the experience and opportunity to contribute to an industry with the potential to positively impact society. By proposing your own research, your interest and commitment to that research will grow. With financial support and contact with your peers you will be able to devote a period of your life to research and immerse yourself into solving difficult problems. Through your creation you will feel the satisfaction of giving back to society. This empowering experience will motivate students to create new research proposals, leading to the next generation of researchers. Similar programs already exist in Japan, but due to their nature, their research activities have certain restrictions and limitations. I have designed this program to specifically optimize for master's and doctoral students to maximise research freedom and potential for contribution to real world problems. I hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity to build your own career and at the same time, impact society with your achievements beyond my imagination.



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