AI Pilot

Convert any vehicle into an Autonomous one. Featuring:

  • 3D printed body
  • Waterproof
  • LiDAR sensors
  • Cameras for detailed recognition
  • DrivePX2 or x86 systems avaialble
  • Autoware pre-installed, configured and ready
  • General purpose application
  • Single and Dual LiDAR versions

AI Pilot Specifications

  Single Dual
Voltage 24V Available soon
LiDAR Velodyne LiDAR VLP-16 or HDL32 Available soon
Camera Sekonix Camera SS3322 or AVT Vimba Available soon
Computing Device NVIDIA Drive PX2 or x86 high-performance laptop with GPU Available soon
Dimensions 848 mm x 848 mm x 362 mm Available soon
Weight 9.8 kg Available soon
Price Starting at $9,000 Available soon