Self-driving EVs for last-mile rideshare. Featuring:

  • 3D printed body
  • EV chassis
  • LiDAR sensors
  • Cameras for detailed recognition
  • DrivePX2 or x86 systems avaialble
  • Autoware pre-installed, configured and ready
  • Designed for logistics tasks
Available SOON

Logiee Specifications

Power Train Electric DC by Suzuki
Passengers 2
Battery Type 2 x Li-Ion 12.6V x 35Ah
Voltage 24V
Output Power 360W
Downhill Maximum Slope 10 degrees
Speed Range 0-6 km/h
Break Type Four wheel disc and regenerative motor break
Sensors available Velodyne LiDAR VLP-16 or HDL32 | Sekonix Camera SS3322 or AVT Vimba
Computing Device NVIDIA Drive PX2 or x86 high-performance laptop with GPU
Dimensions 1694mm x 960mm x 553mm
Weight 140.2kg