3D Printed

AI Mobility "Milee" and "Logiee", self-driving EVs for last-mile rideshare. Featuring a 3D printed body on an EV chassis.

Autoware Preinstalled

We provide packaged computers with the autonomous driving framework Autoware preinstalled.

Parameters Tuned

Autoware comes with all parameters tuned and ready to run on the device. No extra setup required.

Quick Start

You can quickly start your research and develop Autonomous Driving Technologies without any hassle. Just plug-and-play.

Reduced Cost

Our solution dramatically reduces the initial cost of research and development while still providing state-of-the-art technologies.

Self-Driving Mobility



Self-Driving Development Kit

Tier PC Desktop

Powered by Autoware pre-installed on a gaming desktop, with a high-end CPU/GPU and a large amount of memory. Suitable for systems in a research lab for developing new algorithms without being limited by hardware perfomance.

  • High-End Model: Starting from US$5,000 Sales

Tier PC Note

Powered by Autoware pre-installed on a gaming laptop, with a high-end CPU/GPU and a large amount of memory. Suitable for systems in an experimental autonomous vehicle that requires high-performance computing under power and space constraints.

  • High-End Model M: Starting from US$5,800 Sales

Autoware Logger

An Autoware-compatible logging device to automatically record self-driving runtime data. With Wi-Fi connection, the recorded data can be seamlessly shared with cloud data services.

  • Starting at US$1,000 Sales

Autoware Remote Drive Kit

An Autoware-compatible remote controller and monitor for driver-less vehicles. An easy-to-use web browser interface is available. This remote drive kit (RDK) has been certified for the level 4 self-driving operation in Japan.

  • Starting at US$1,500 Sales

Self-Driving Unit

AI Pilot

Convert any vehicle into an Autonomous one. Supports the integration of LiDAR, cameras and embedded computing. Single and dual LiDAR version available. It can hold x86 and ARM computing devices

  • Starting at $9,000 Sales