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As a leader in the development of Autoware, Tier IV develops and offers solutions and services that support the Autoware ecosystem.


Web.Auto is a service that uses IoT and cloud technology to support all aspects of the development, deployment and operation of autonomous driving systems. We provide service providers with a fleet management system linked to Autoware and developers with the tools to use Autoware.

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Pilot.Auto is based on Autoware and is an autonomous driving system Reference Implementation. For various ODDs, appropriate hardware (ECUs and sensors) and software (algorithms) are selected based on the Reference Design and are integrated into the vehicle.

Last Mile Autonomous Driving

Milee is a fully autonomous EV designed primarily for driving at low speeds in private/restricted areas. It is based on an electric golf cart and is equipped with LiDAR sensors and cameras. Tier IV has deployed and is operating AD systems based on Milee and Web.Auto in parks across Japan.

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Autonomous Driving Taxi

Tier IV has been testing autonomous taxis with the goal of developing an optimized autonomous vehicle Reference Implementation, as well as a platform for service operation and management. By operating autonomous taxis in various environments, collecting and analayzing collected data, and applying knowlege towards optimization of AD system implementations evaluated relative to actual taxi driving.

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Autonomous Transport in Factories

eve autonomy is a joint venture between Tier IV and Yamaha Motor focused on delivering autonomous transport solutions for use inside factories. By combining Tier IV's Autoware technology and Yamaha's highly reliable vehilce development technology, eve autonomy will promote the development scalable and broadly accessible autonomous transport solutions.

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MaaS Autonomous Driving

Tier IV's Autoware is used in the next generation small-sized EV buses that are being prepared for operation of commercial service in geo-fenced areas (e.g. fixed loop transportation services).

Logistics Vehicle

Logiee is a fully autonomous EV designed for transportion and logistics that can be operated indoors or outdoors. The interchangable top module enables various uses cases such as delivery, sales, shopping, etc.

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Small-sized Bus

Tier IV's Autoware was used in the demonstration of a school bus service that transports students and faculty/staff between the university and a local train station.

Engineering Solutions

We offer a wide range of services to companies and governments, including system integration consulting, system maintenance, sensor performance evaluation, Autoware training, AD system driving school, ECU development, algorithm optimization, and service demonstration/operation.

Sensor Evaluation and Benchmarking

For manufacturers and suppliers, we offer sensor evaluation and comparison service of different LiDAR sensors for autonomous driving. Customers will be able to confirm their product's performance in a variety of environments, and compare them with sensors from other manufacturers.

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