Tier IV Presents a New Architecture for Autoware

Tier IV has published the work-in-progress source code built through rapid prototyping for the next-generation Autoware* architecture proposal, along with the dataset to test its new localization, perception, planning and control modules. This experimental early access to the architecture proposal enables the community to take advantage of the future experience of Autoware.

* Autoware is registered trademark of the Autoware Foundation



The meeting minutes and presentation slides used during the discussion of this proposal at the Autoware Foundation can be found below:
Autoware Foundation Technical Steering Committee Discussion
Architecture Proposal Presentation Slides


The proposal includes a layered architecture with a clean interface for algorithm modules and a prototype implementation of new cutting-edge algorithms. This layered architecture overcomes the current difficulties involved in modifying the algorithm modules, and thereby, facilitates code contributions from open-source developers. 



Tier IV is now working with the Autoware Foundation members to merge this proposal into the growing Autoware.Auto project. Stay tuned.
Source Code Repository


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