We collaborate with many partners, from developers to service providers, to make sure that intelligent vehicles are a part of people’s everyday life.

THE AUTOWARE FOUNDATIONAWF is the largest autonomous
driving open-source community.

TIER IV is one of the founding members of the Autoware Foundation (AWF), and continues to lead and contribute to the advancement of the world’s largest open source community for autonomous driving. TIER IV’s Founder/CTO and the father of the Autoware OSS project, Shinpei Kato, serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the AWF. In addition, several senior leaders at TIER IV hold chair/co-chair positions on the AWF committees which define the direction of the Autoware project and ecosystem, as well as in the working groups which work to advance the capabilities of Autoware. Most importantly, TIER IV works closely with our partners, the member companies and institutions of the AWF, to advance the state of the art of autonomous driving and bring intelligent vehicles based on Autoware to everyone.


At the Autoware Foundation


At the Autoware Foundation

OPEN AD KITOpen autonomous
driving kit (Open AD Kit)

OPEN AD KITOpen autonomous
driving kit (Open AD Kit)

The Autoware-defined Open AD Kit brings the best practices of Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) development to the Autoware ecosystem. The Open AD Kit accelerates the development of optimized hardware and software solutions for autonomous driving through: A complete out of the box AD reference platform for rapid development of cloud to edge solutions; A cloud-native development and verification of AD solutions with system level parity to edge platforms; A micro-services architecture with orchestration of mixed critical workloads across heterogeneous compute platforms; An open ecosystem system of hardware/software components and development tools.
TIER IV is working closely with MIH to define automotive grade AD system solutions based on the Open AD Kit and aligned with the requirements for the MIH Open EVKit platform. This initiative will enable developers to leverage Open AD Kit to commercialize automotive grade AD system solutions that can be scaled thru the MIH Open EV ecosystem, bringing Intelligent Vehicles based on Autoware to everyone.


AMRLogistics vehicles for the last mile

Logiee is a prototype for an AMR designed for fully autonomous driving at low speed in private and public areas. It is equipped with LiDAR sensors and cameras and providing solutions to social issues such as the aging population and driver shortage. Logiee is solving the issues of last mile transportation services by providing the essential platform for TIER IV's vehicles as well as the development of other vehicles.

GOLF CART / FACTORYAutonomous transport solution for factories

eve autonomy is a joint venture between TIER IV and Yamaha Motor, focused on delivering autonomous transport solutions for use inside factories (indoors and outdoors). This JV applies the Pilot.Auto reference design to Yamaha's vehicle, based on an electric golf cart chassis, for transportation solutions. By combining TIER Ⅳ's integration expertise and Autoware-based solution with Yamaha's highly reliable vehicle development technology, eve autonomy will promote the development of scalable and broadly accessible autonomous transport solutions.

MINIBUS / LIMITED AREAAutonomous MaaS solution

TIER IV's Autoware is used in the next generation small-sized EV buses that are being prepared for operation of commercial service in geo-fenced areas (e.g. fixed loop transportation services).


TIER IV has been testing autonomous taxis with the goal of developing an optimized autonomous vehicle reference implementation, as well as a platform for service operation and management, by operating autonomous taxis is in various environments, collecting and analyzing collected data, and applying knowledge towards optimization of AD system implementations evaluated relative to actual taxi driving.


Define regulations & policies to design feasible autonomous vehicles.

It is necessary to collaborate with federal and local governments to organize structures, regulations, and social acceptance in order to implement intelligent vehicles and its services in society. TIER Ⅳ joins committees in government and R&D projects to collaborate and contribute in these areas.


To make safer mobility experience.

TIER IV has done experiments about the cooperation between an autonomous driving (AD) system and infrastructure with a Japanese trafficlight manufacturer. There are certain situations where an autonomous vehicle alone has difficulties to achieve the required level of safety. Therefore, we architect AD systems which can collaborate with infrastructure equipment in order to enhance safety.