Pilot.Auto and Web.Auto enable our developers and partners to create affordable autonomous driving systems on a timely basis.

Pilot.Auto provides a scalable platform, embracing the basic functionality and capability of autonomous driving systems, upon which our developers and partners can create affordable complete systems based on our reference design, satisfying their requirements in a wide range of applications.

Web.Auto provides a cloud-native DevOps platform incorporating software tools and data pipelines as a service, which helps our developers and partners to save development cost and reduce time to market without compromising the quality of their final product. Given that our product is mostly implemented with open-source software, you may even extend our product to be more functional and more capable, or you may develop technology components that can be engaged with our product. This means that our product can also be used as a reference design to build autonomous driving systems.


Development process to make intelligent vehicles.

  • Analysis & Conceptualization
    Define requirements, Define ODD, Design vehicle/system
  • Development & Testing
    Develop AD Kit, Assemble vehicle/Integration, Test/evaluation
  • Verification & Validation
    Assess ODD and required service level, Risk assessment, Map creation, Site adaptation and vehicle tuning based on actual environment
  • Deployment
    Deploy operation and manage vehicles, carry out on-site troubleshooting, operator training
  • Operation & Maintenance
    Perform preventive maintenance (periodic inspection), corrective maintenance (repair, bug fix), OTA System upgrade, Security

Pilot.Auto & Web.Auto drive the creative process.

Pilot.Auto can be used as a scalable platform and a reference design to accommodate multiple technology components, whether open-source, in-house, or third-party, with real-time capability. Web.Auto can also be used as a scalable platform and a reference design to accommodate multiple software tools and data pipelines that help our customers jointly with TIER IV to verify and validate Pilot.Auto for their requirements.

Being scalable means that performance is improved accordingly as resources are increased. In turn, this means that a scalable platform is a baseline system on which you can develop and operate complete systems, technology components, and/or end applications, whose performance (functionality and/or capability) can be improved as their resources (processors, accelerators, sensors, memory, storage, data, and so on) are increased.


Pilot.Auto is a scalable platform based on Autoware's software architecture.

The value of Pilot.Auto is its black-box features as a platform that can deliver Autoware to end applications (e.g., partner’s final product). The lineup of such black-box features includes the following:


  • 1 / Use case development and/or quality enhancement
    over OSS version Autoware

    2 / Proposal of the reference design
    (sensor system and computing units)


  • Sensor/ECU Supply Service
    1 / Supply of Sensors and ECUs based on customer specification

  • Integration Service
    1 / Collection of vehicle and sensor data
    2 / Test and evaluation (algorithm, sensors etc.)
    3 / Sensor calibration
    4 / Control tuning


  • Adaptation Service
    1 / ODD Assessment/Risk Assessment
    2 / Evaluation of service/operation plan
    3 / Vehicle adaptation on actual field
    4 / Environment set-up for operation
    5 / Technical support on adaptation

  • Map Service
    1 / Defining the requirements and the specification of building a map that meets the environment
    2 / Map build-up based on specification
    3 / Assess quality and reliability of the built map


  • Maintenance Service
    1 / Technical support for preventive maintenance
    (in accordance with maintenance plan)
    2 / Bug fix, troubleshooting


  • 1 / Upgrade test (virtual and/or real environment),
    2 / OTA setup, OTA execution support


Web.Auto is a cloud-native, but edge-intensive DevOps platform.

Web.Auto provides software tools and data pipelines in the form of web services in order to efficiently develop the components of Pilot.Auto and operate its end applications for our partners.


  • Driving and traffic simulation
  • Reproduction of real-life events from driving logs
  • Sensor simulation with realistic physics
  • Generation of synthetic data for ML model training


  • AD-optimized CI/CD pipeline to perform builds, testing, simulations, and deployment of binaries and ML models
  • Heavily-parallelized simulator executions
  • Rich tooling to allow quick discovery of issues


  • Efficient and smart driving log upload from vehicles
  • Management of maps, test scenarios, and ML models
  • Driving log search and support for training/test datasets creation
  • Highly secure and available


  • Scheduling and tracking of registered vehicles
  • Data post-analyses and maintenance planning
  • Over-the-Air (OTA) software update
  • API for custom 3rd party apps


  • Remote vehicle-status monitoring
  • Emergency remote assistance
  • Emergency remote driving


TIER IV ACADEMYUnlock your potential as an autonomous driving engineer

Developed by autonomous driving experts, "Autonomous Driving with Autoware" is a complete and practical training course on building autonomous driving systems using Autoware. This course has received certifications from Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW), the Government of Japan.

AI DRIVING SCHOOLRealize ultimate safety for our society by use of AI and Autonomous driving technology

We have been thinking about how we can contribute to the society with our autonomous driving technology. We have developed an AI training system with a driving school by utilizing our technology.
This system can teach people how to drive as same as a driving instructor with functions such as highly accurate evaluation about driving skill, course navigation, and automatic auxiliary braking. Our system supports the staff in driving schools, and keeps our society safe.

AUTONOMOUS DRIVING AI CHALLENGECompetitions to discover and nurture talented engineers for autonomous driving technology

TIER IV supports Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan (JASE) that manages competitions to find and train engineers for autonomous driving technology. These competitions have included Precise Docking Control System, scenario driving by use of Autoware-equipped intelligent vehicles and a simulation using Autoware.