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The world's first open-source autonomous driving system.
Today Autoware hosts the world's largest autonomous driving open source community,
enabling autonomous driving technology for everyone.

Autoware is a registered trademark of The Autoware Foundation (AWF).


The original version of Autoware, Autoware.AI was developed and launched in 2015 by DR. Shinpei Kato at Nagoya University. That same year, Tier IV was founded to seek oppotunities across autonomous driving market segments. Autoware.AI was based on ROS1 and was intended as an R&D platform for researchers who were interested in autonomous driving.

Motivated by the potential of an open-source ecosystem that everyone can access, in 2018, Tier IV transferred all rights for Autoware to the newly formed Autoware Foundation (AWF). Along with Tier IV, founding members of the AWF include partner companies Apex.AI and Linaro 96Boards.

Today, Autoware hosts the world's largest autonomous driving open-source community. We continue to take Autoware to the next level with our partners around the world.

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